TRENDING NEWS – Every Ghanaian Should Be Like Ashantis – Kwame A-Plus Advises

Activist Kwame Asare-Obeng popularly known as A-Plus has advised all Ghanaians to emulate the behaviour of Ashantis.

According to him the patriotic and supportive nature of Ashantis is exactly what Ghana needs to ensure massive nation-building.

He said, “If every Ghanaian were Ashanti Ghana would have patriotic people”.

A-Plus whose passion to see Ghana flourish has pushed him to start a movement called The Peoples Party (TPP) praised Ashantis for their warm acceptance and inclusiveness of other tribes.

In a video, A-Plus cited the tendency of Ashantis to proudly claim what they have and who they are as a very great virtue.

Ashantis have a great love for all people and things they identify with.

He outlined the massive love for kente cloth and Kumasi Asante Kotoko as examples why Ghanaians must learn a thing or two from Ashantis.

A-Plus who calls himself the people’s person is keen on causing a revolution in the political scene with his TPP.




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