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EGYA ADEABAH (Rapper & Singer, Sound Engineer)

Peter Tanoeh Adeabah, known professionally as Egya Adeabah is a Ghanaian rapper, singer, sound engineer, and graphics designer, Movie Director and Audio Visual editor Half Assini (AWIANE) in the western region-Jomoro Municipal District.


Birth Name: Peter Tanoeh Adeabah

Father: James Miezah Agyanvoh Adeabah

Mother: Comfort Enyaku Nyamenlediaze

Also known as

  • Ogye woa gyai,
  • You already know,
  • Amene

Place of birth: Half Assini, Ghana





Hip hop, hiplife, Afrobeats and highlife, Dance hall



Rapper, singer, sound engineer, and graphics designer, Movie Director, Audiovisual editor



4mula, Don Kweli, Fresh Pac, Gseed kin ratty GH, Rain Rain (Director MAA)



Early life and career beginnings

Egya Adeabah was born and raised in Half Assini and he is the fourth born of five children. He attended Half Assini Roman Catholic Senior High School and later went to Half Assini ST. Andres Methodist Senior High School and proceeded to Half Assini Secondary School (HASCO), studied visual art where he earned Wassce certificate in the year 2008.

He started working as a teacher in half Assini, Christian academy private school for four months and was transferred to their new branch in Takinta. Later he went to gas and oil training school in Takoradi and had a diploma in welding.

Egya Adeabah began hustling life after his Gas and oil training. He went into movie acting, worked with GTV Nzema drama group in the year 2013 for a year of which their drama was showing on the National television every Friday just before the Nzema morning show. He later went back home to half Assini to follow his dream as a Musician but ended up been a sound engineer from there he beginning to polish his musical abilities.

He met his former Studio manager Shaibu of SB records while performing a show in half Assini. He also met musicians 4mula at the show and they became friends and were living like blood he also introduced him to Shaibu a computer repairer, he was impressed by their abilities as rappers, singers and an ability to produce beat so he started working with them and went ahead to open the first recording studio in half Assini called “ADNATION RECORDS” meaning Adeabah nation a clan name after him after he have depart from B.Siant lead by Prince Ayensu (Rain Rain) been a solo artist, He made credit for himself by putting on tape the soh soh doh festival tune. This made him famous in half Assini and abroad

Egya Adeabah recorded his first hit “Bezo Menu” engineered by a renewed engineer from Takoradi Vegas ace) featured Fresh Pac from that same studio which was later named SB RECORDS, went ahead to make a collaboration sound with Fresh Pac which was massively played every Conner in Nzema (TOMATO LADY prod by Vegas ace). This sound brought a lot of controversy in hasland (half Assini). And on-air as to who owns the sound

The singer, Rapper and vestal artist “Amene’ the rap demon, now release another sound featured the kundum hitmaker, Don Kweli and Swaky (Beva Mezo) it production was handled by Vegas ace, He continues to release hit after hit ALABA MANSA, BELI BEBO OBO, produced by Mogyeez, as an underground trying everything to make it to the top. Now he had his third bagger which was more or less breakthrough sound (Obia ne Level featured kin Ratty GH) produced by Mogyeez. Adeabah received positive reviews from critics and fans. All credit to a friend who popularly Known as deejay Bondy, paying some part of his studio fee anytime Adeabah asks of it so most of the people knew him as his manager. From then he started to gain featuring from another artist from western more or less his area where he is popularly known. He later drops X’Mass chilling – Paddy Beatz from Takoradi.



        NOMINATION          CATEGORY                YEAR
Nzema showbiz awards – Most popular video of the year

Egya Adeabah_{OBIA_NE_LEVEL}_ft _kin_ Ratty


– Male artist of the year

1.    Egya  Adeabah ft Rain Rain -Back Fire – prod by mogyeez








Western showbiz awards -Most promising artist of the year

Egya Adeabah ft F Pac -b3zo menu -Prod-by-Vegas-Ace







  1. Egya Adeabah – 4getti Obia (FT 4mula & vanjolynx) prod by Mykah & mix by adbeat made-it
  2. Egya Adeabah -Obay3 Bu3 – Prod by adbeatz made it
  3. F-Pak X Egya Adeabah-Tomato Lady ( Vegas Ace)
  4. Egya Adeabah – X’Mass Chilling – Produce by Paddy Beatz
  5. Egya Adeabah ft F Pac -b3zo menu -Prod-by-Vegas-Ace
  6. Egya Adeabah ft Rain Rain -Back Fire – prod by mogyeez
  7. Egya Adeabah X kin ratty -independence -Mix by adbeat
  8. Egya Adeabah -Push it -prod by adbeat
  9. Egya Adeabah X_Kin_Ratty___Beli_b3do_obo_{prod _by _mogyeez}
  10. Egya Adeabah-(H.I.V-BE REAL)-Prod-by-adbeatz
  11. Egya Adeabah _ft_ Mogya_ Tom {prod _by_ Mogyeez}
  12. Egya Adeabah _ft _don_ Kweli ___Swaky_ __prod _by Vegas ace
  13. Egya Adeabah_{OBIA_NE_LEVEL}_ft _kin_ Ratty- Prod by Mogyeez
  14. Egya Adeabah – Yenko (Prod by Adbeatz)
  15. Egya Adeabah ft Swaky – Evole soh soh doh -prod by Vegas ace





  1. Swaky Woi ft Adeabah yomo be Ga (prod by Jake)
  2. Kin-Ratty-Gh Ft-Egya Adeabah-Berla-Mundi (Prod-By-Mogyeez)
  3. Angerus ft Egya Adeabah X Mogya tom -Africa girl -prod by Mogyeez
  4. Energy ft Adwen-k & Egya Adeabah (Emoba)- prod by Jake on da beatz
  5. Energy X flavor ft Egya Adeabah – prod by willies beatz
  6. Gseed ft Joe fire, Mosses Kenya ( Rock),kin ratty GH Egya Adeabah, 4mula ( Yele Nzemama) prod by Mogyeez
  7. Emilia ft Egya Adeabah -soh soh doh -prod by Vegas ace


Peter Tanoeh Adeabah aka Egya Adeabah now working at DhopeTeam Media Hub & BC in half Assini as managing director, designer, Photographer, and Audiovisual Editor



Hasland music








Me Suazo )

  • 2017 first edition
  • 2018 second edition
  • 2019 third edition

This event is held annually in Half Assini on the street

Rapper, singer, sound engineer, and graphics designer, Movie Director and Editor Egya Adeabah finally signed by BackGate Records Inc.

Waiting to drop his first signed records sound “NKRABEA” produced by Body Beatz (the dram king) from the oil city Takoradi


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Writer: DhopeTeam media hub & BC half Assin


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