ENTERTAINMENT NEWS (VIDEO) – Watch How Koo Ntakra Nearly Fell From Stage Last Night At Koforidua Technical university!!!

Koo Ntakra nearly fell from the stage last night at Koforidua Technical university whiles he was seriously performing.  According to the YEEBA hitmaker in an interview with HQ Promotions, he said there was some water on the stage which be didn’t know where it’s from, and as a result of that the stage was soo slippery and that nearly caused his to fall from the stage.

The King of Kofcity was later spotted on stage barefooted and he also explained since his footwear was a new and easy to slip on wet surfaces he has to take his sneakers off in order perform to the satisfaction of the fans.

HQ Promotions is doing investigation on the other side of the matter and will update the public soon!!!




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