ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – New Agenda Set For Nzema Showbiz 2019 And Beyond. – DJ Scott Moore (Entertainment Show Host At HOPE 107.1)

It’s time for our Nzema folks to push beyond the boundaries of our locality. I strongly see that our local industry is retrogressing while others at different areas in Ghana are progressing.

In other words, some of our Artiste are doing their best to get to the limelight but I think we need better than where we’re now.

Nzema music must raise to a global standard and should also be recognize massively beyond Nzema and Ghana.

I said on my show last two years and last year that VGMA 2019 is an anniversary award ceremony and therefore, there should be an artiste from Nzema in the nominations(even unsung category will be for the first time)but after going through, there’s no single Nzema artiste nominated.

It’s never late for us to get there my co-Nzemas. What we need now is quality music(lyrics and sound), videos, regular promotion and positive branding.

Thinking of something apart from good music, video, promotion and branding, we should also get in touch and get United to sell our language and culture to the people outside Nzema.

Credible union to push our views and concerns will also help our industry.

And to my sound engineers or producers, get time for your productions. Most of you are the reason why we’re not getting quality Music in Nzema. We need better than we’re getting from some of you.

My last opinion on our local industry is that, Djs in Nzema should play at least 70% Nzema music and these music should be quality enough to satisfy the listener. Even if the artistes is your best friend, let them know that, “no quality music no airplay and I know for sure that this Agenda will enthuse them to work hard.

That’s my humble opinion on our local industry.

By DJ Scott Moore (Entertainment show host at HOPE 107.1)

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