CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – Italy records 793 coronavirus deaths in one day

Italy has recorded 793 new deaths from coronavirus in one day, adding 6,557 new cases have been detected.

Despite extensive measures to prevent the disease from spreading, Italy remains the worst affected country in Europe.

The figures represent the highest day-to-day rise in the number of deaths. It brings the total number of deaths to more than 4,500, whilst the number of cases is believed to be in excess of 53,000.

The country’s health system is faltering under the pressure of the cases.

In Bergamo, the Italian epicenter, cemeteries are overwhelmed.

Video from inside the city’s main hospital showed patients lined up in a narrow ward, struggling for breath as doctors and nurses moved from one beeping machine to the next.

In one Italian town, authorities are trying a new tactic. The residents of Vo, near Padua – perhaps the first Coronavirus ‘hotspot’ in Italy – have been tested and isolated and then retesting and retesting every one of the 3,300 inhabitants.

As a result, authorities have found the number of infections has stopped rising.

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